Black-white mailing bags

for any soft items sent via post

Our LDPE black-white non-transparent bags are suitable for sending textile and soft items via post. They are produced with an adhesive tape on flap which prevents unwanted opening. Outside white side is "corona" treated for possible printing. We have six standard sizes on stock, but it is also possible to produce the bags in sizes and colours according to your request.
Size S 170x230+0+40 mm, 60 µm
Size M 230x310+0+40 mm, 60 µm
Size L 250x350+0+40 mm, 60 µm
Size XL 320x450+0+40 mm, 60 µm
Size XXL 400x500+0+40 mm, 70 µm
Size MAXI 450x650+0+40 mm, 90 µm

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