Various combinatios of materials and proper technology – our key to your satisfaction.

What is cooperation with us like?

You come first. We focus on individual and effective communication. Our machinery keeps pace with the latest technology and our production capacity is 50 tons per day. Thanks to that you will get your films within 2 and bags within 3 weeks.

1. Inquiry

Send your request to or call on +420 491 485 325 / +420 491 485 405.

We reply to your inquiries within 24 hours. You will either get a quotation or we will ask you for the necessary specifics (e.g. sample) of the requested product.

We show you the standard technological process or provide you with a modern custom-made solution.

2. Sample

You will get the sample as soon as possible and we will gladly anticipate during testing.

3. Manufacturing

After successful trials we will tell you the material code under which you can choose the products made of the same formula. For each product we will also give you a unique code which represents all the production information (including machine settings, the way of packaging, labeling, etc.). We are able to provide you with all the technical documentation if needed. All this guarantees that you will always get the same product in the same quality.


Unlikely, but possible. You come first. We approach everything immediately to prevent further damage. We either replace the unsatisfactory products or we consult together the possible solution.

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We will provide you with a custom-made solution and give you the best offer upon request.

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