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Stretch film and additional assortment

You can choose from hand and machine stretch films, adhesive tapes and bubble wraps...

Everything that comes in handy in the workplace. Choose from various sizes, colours and materials to find a perfect fit for you.

Our films can be used for palletisation, moving or transporting. They provide perfect protection against damage, moisture, contaminants and make the manipulation much easier. Are you not sure what you are looking for? Get in touch. We are here to help.


Hand stretch films icon_arrow

Quality of our stretch films has been properly tested. We use them in our business on daily basis. Choose the width, thickness and length. Pick the one you really need.

Properties of our hand stretch films

Thickness 15/17/20/23/30 µm
Width 100/250/500 mm
Core (⌀ 500 mm) 240/690 g
Core (⌀ 250 mm) 160 g
Core (⌀ 100 mm) 51 g
Total weight 1,5–4,0 kg as required

Machine Films icon_arrow

Stretch films designated for a packaging machine – only sold by the pallet

Properties of our machine stretch films

Thickness 12-35 µm
Width 500 mm
Core 1,6 kg
Stretch 150-400 %

Adhesive Tapes icon_arrow

Adhesive tapes 48 mm wide × 66 m long in brown or transparent. You can choose from acrylic, hot melt or solvent-based adhesive.

Bubble Wraps icon_arrow

Our bubble wraps are 1000 mm wide on tubular with 100 m2.

Zip-Lock Bags icon_arrow

Quick-closing bags exactly the way you need them to be.

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