How we handle cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are files saved by a website to help you use it, display more relevant content, and to help us with web analytics. They certainly mean no harm to you.

What cookies do we collect?

Necessary ones

These cookies are necessary to ensure the functionality of the website. If you don't enable them, some of the site's functionalities won't work. For example, setting of your privacy preferences, signing in, or filling out forms.

Performance ones

These cookies allow us to collect information about visitor behavior on the website. For example, they help us identify which sites are the most and least popular, determine the number of visits, and the sources of visits.

Social media cookies

These cookies are set by our advertising partners through our website. They allow you to share the content of websites on social networks (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). These companies also use them to set up a profile of your interests and display relevant ads on other sites.

How do our partners use cookies?

In accordance with the Privacy Policy. You can find it here and here.

Do you want to change the settings?

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